Now soliciting submissions for an online video dance learning party

Shama lama ding dong! That’s right folks, teaching and learning technologies have never been so much fun. Brian Lamb, D’Arcy Norman, Gardner Campbell, and I have joined forces to offer a little “twist” on the standard presentation for the NMC’s Online Conference on the Convergence of Web Culture and Video. Brian Lamb’s recent post has already nicely framed the occasion as follows:

The Web 2.0 Online Learning Film Festival! My colleagues and I have designated ourselves as Festival Jurors. From what we hope will be an avalanche of nominations we intend to select a 45 minute program, adding bits of commentary, analysis, trash talk and awards. (All legitimate nominations will be included on a supplementary program.) We intend to use Mojiti (which allows for annotation of online videos) to facilitate the communication of juror and audience input. We will argue about discuss our respective choices during our NMC online presentation on Wednesday, March 21, and when the conference wraps up we’ll open up the discussion to the wider web world.

Now, here’s where you come in: I need you to add links to your favorite online videos (multiple nominations are encouraged) with a brief context for how they can be understood as “educational” in the comments of this post. I am leaving the idea of educational intentionally vague, for any definition depends entirely on the context -so have fun and make me laugh, cry, feel, think, and scream out for more! Who knows -you could become the prom king or queen at the NMC Web Video Homecoming!

Online Film Festival

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11 Responses to Now soliciting submissions for an online video dance learning party

  1. Martha says:

    I have one for you.

    It’s an interesting example of a use of SecondLife for networked/collaborative writing, where the instrument of “writing” is prims for architecture.

  2. jimgroom says:

    Ahhh, nothing like the first, submission, especially when it’s that good. OK now, let’s keep ’em coming people. Senor Lamb has already gotten a carload!

  3. Andy Rush says:

    I’ll start with this one, a funny and instructional video – all of the elements that educational video should have:

    Also Viral Learning Center –

    How and why to use a reel mower –

    Amen Brother –

    Shining Remix – the idea of repurposing video to change the tone –

    This video #5 in a series of 8 on the disillusion of a public school teacher –

    This might be a possibility for those wanting to get started in videoblogging –

  4. Jerry says:

    Ninjas, Eva Longoria juggling chainsaws, whales and podcasting. Need I say more about this answer to the question “What is Podcasting?”

  5. jimgroom says:

    Andy, all I can say is thank you and YES!!!

  6. Leon Lighips says:

    You dirty hippies think learning is a party. In reality it is monetized coercion through unaware networks orchestrated by me, The Puppetmaster, for my own benefit. Just remember, every time you blog, I make money. I’ve made enough money from your blog alone to roll naked in, and I do so regularly.

    As a small demonstration of my unbelievable generosity, I am going to give something back. I am nothing if not big-hearted. I am overcome when I think about how much I am doing for you. I weep.

    This video illustrates that connections across sources can happen in the mind of the viewer, even with minimal editing:

    Information visualization:

    Mash-up made from instructional videos:

    Now you owe me. And I always collect with intense vigorish. You may become my minion, you may become my vassal, someday you might even be allowed to become a reseller for Lighips eLearning Supremacy Systems, INC. Let’s get $erious. Let’s make some MONEY!

  7. Alan says:

    Late to the party and feeling short a few bags of chips (and watch out for the Lighips guy)

    I Generation Fan Video – a fun mix on media, so called generations

    The Dead – an animated poem read by the author, have a soft spot for Bill Collins work

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  9. jimgroom says:

    Thanks everyone, this is great. There is much work to be done now to frame the festival!

  10. jimgroom says:

    Crack Spider has got to make it on the program.

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