Oblivion Camp Radio Show (Part 1)

Oblivion Camp Radio Show (Part 1) by jimgroom

This is the first part of the Oblivion Camp Radio Show slasher serial, it is the first in a three part serial. Part two will start to wrench up the blood boys and ghouls. Bring on the pain!!!

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Fiat Punto

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GW Bush – AN EMpire of Oppression

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5 Responses to Oblivion Camp Radio Show (Part 1)

  1. Lou McGill says:

    So exciting – I don’t think anything untoward could possibly happen to these lovely ds107ers. Theyre all so great and one day whathisname – er ben may even get a starring role…

  2. Ben says:


    I’m so happy I could play the narcissistic version of myself in this portion of your broadcast, and I’m thoroughly convinced I gave my best performance ever on ds106radio, don’t you agree everyone else? 🙂

  3. suzshaff says:

    Oh my GOSH this is fabulous – It almost rivals Chad Vader, Nightshift Manager – I laughed right out loud.. Great job ds 107ers! Really effective sound effects and hysterical dialog… and the Psycho Killer song….genius

  4. Tim Jim Doom Groom Bava Fava Grava Soon. It’s a mistake to portray ds107 as an acid minded free-loving pursuit.

    As you’re living in a bubble of self-deception, this likely will prick. But did you ever really think that Dr. Oblivion could be dismissed from the ds106/ds107 equation so easily? Hardly. When you banished us, ds106’s ultimate meaning left also.

    DS106’s words became merely the empty echoes of inanimate chemical reactions firing away in the evolving synapses of your brain.

    But ds107 wants to help. With your informed consent, we have a therapy that’s proven.

    Please let us fix you!

  5. @Lou,
    No, nothing untowards at all. Everything will work out just fine, I’m sure.

    You know Jim Groom loves you, right?

    Why are you cheering for the ds107ers, they are almost certainly heading towards a grisly end, no matter how I try and delude Lou.

    Are you gonna bark all day little doggie or are you gonna show us how you make that sick video art you have been killing over the last week.

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