Open Lab/Open Hearts: the Video

My CUNY homies: MBS, Matt Gold, Luke Waltzer, Mikhail G, me, and Daniel Phelps.

I’m becoming a really comfortable presenter, some might even suggest too comfortable—which I would agree. But this video of my 20 minute presentation at the opening of CUNY’s Open Lab site (I blogged it here) actually has one of my craziest bits on Andrew Allingham’s Boatload/Buttload/Shitload infographic as well as some advice for folks embarking on creating an open, online community at a university. The advice is actually what I think led to the successes of both UMW Blogs and ds106. Another thing about this presentation, I framed it for a student audience and really showed off the awesome work ds106ers constantly do. I think I am really proud of this video is because it’s how I wanna give every talk: excited, unhinged, and still somewhat cogent.

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2 Responses to Open Lab/Open Hearts: the Video

  1. scottlo says:

    Talk about a firecracker! I wish I could have been in the audience for this one Jim. What a fun and inspiring talk.

  2. Lou McGill says:

    performance art not mere presentation…

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