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Uncanny EdTech

It’s funny how things align, just the other day Tom and I were chatting about some old presentations, particularly the Ed-Tech Survivalist’s “swamp of knowledge,” and I was thinking this is very much inline with my best memories of talking … Continue reading

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PressED: a Twitter Conference about WordPress

I dig what Natalie Lafferty and Pat Lockley dreamed up with PressEd, a conference about WordPress run through Twitter. It provides a fresh take on the online conference, and with that somewhat of a challenge to use the medium in … Continue reading

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More opinionated edtech responses then you can shake a blog at

While I was in Barcelona this past October to co-present with Brian Lamb at the Open University of Catalonia’s (UOC) “Pushing the Boundaries of Higher Ed” symposium (presentation video above), they decided to subject themselves to my opinionated responses to a … Continue reading

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A little over two weeks ago I ventured to nearby Torino, Italy for the final two days of a week-long training event that is part of the OpenMed initiative. What’s OpenMed, well I am glad you asked: Five partners from … Continue reading

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A Mediterranean Diet for Open EdTech

From the Wikipedia article on the Mediterranean Diet: In 2013, UNESCO added the Mediterranean diet to the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of Italy (promoter), France, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, and Croatia. It was chosen … Continue reading

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An Integrated Domain at THETA17

I already wrote my post-mortem on the THETA17 conference in New Zealand this May, so I do not have all that much more to add. But given they recently shared the images and videos from the conference, I grabbed a … Continue reading

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Our Portfolio Could be Your Life

Let me start by saying Bologna is a fine city to hold a conference. As a head's up, Bologna is an awesome city for a conference. And probably even better without one 🙂 pic.twitter.com/zZVjoO1WAU — Jim Groom (@jimgroom) October 28, … Continue reading

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The Overselling of Open

I gave two presentations yesterday, one to a faculty cohort at Coventry University about Domain of One’s Own, I also presented a session titled “The Overselling of Open” as part of the Open Education Tuesdays series through the UNLR. The … Continue reading

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Opening Pandora’s Box at Coventry

Yesterday I spoke with a faculty cohort at Coventry University about creating their own portfolios. This group was part of the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice in Higher Education (or PgCert) course led by Martin Jenkins. PgCert provides professional development … Continue reading

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An Archive of One

The great Alan Levine has unearthed and posted a version of a Second Life presentation Tom Woodward and I did back in 2008. It’s a personal favorite of mine because we managed to integrate elements of [[John Carpenter]]’s They Live! … Continue reading

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