Patty Pioneers: No Turtle, Chicken!

Seymour Papert excited for some of the Colonel's finest.

I just couldn’t resist the Pioneer Patty assignment that the Tokyo ds106ers are rocking out to. How cool to make an assignment that turns a series of innovative computer mavericks into fast food fanatics in order show how much you care. My take on the assignment has Seymour Papert with a bucket of the Colonel’s finest. I took this image of a young Papert with his wireless Turtle robot and replaced the technology with the “patty.” I used Gimp to make the KFC bucket of chicken black and white, I scaled the layer down and added it to the image of Papert. Pretty simple, and too much fun. Scottlo breaks down the origination of this assignment here, and I have to say it has been a blast to see others take a shot at this assignment like Bille Genereux’s Jack Kilby and Joan Shaffer’s Richard Stallman. Awesome!

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6 Responses to Patty Pioneers: No Turtle, Chicken!

  1. Classic. The perspective makes it. Finger lickin’ Logo.

  2. scottlo says:

    I finally think I’m beginning to understand the compelling and beautiful power of your ds106 project. I remember some cat wondered if this model would scale after the Park City keynote thing (implying by the very tone of the question that it wouldn’t / doesn’t).

    I think it can and it does. But it won’t happen unless there’s a little fire in the belly.

    As for Seymour Papert and his bucket of Original Recipe – brilliant. I was unfamiliar with his work and his story so I dug in to the wiki article. And yet again, we find another driven-passionate maniac who found away to impose a previously unimagined vision on the world.

  3. This is awesome! And I can’t get the assignment out of my head. I keep thinking of other potential dignitaries of computer history clogging up their arteries. There are so many possibilities!

  4. Joan Shaffer says:

    A wireless bucket of chicken! This image is cracking me up.

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