ds106 and blog experimenting

ds106 week 2: Blog Experimenting from umwnewmedia on Vimeo.

During this evening’s session of ds106 we went over some wrap up from week 1, the importance of commenting, and let everyone know it is high time they start blogging. To that end we discussed them taking ownership of their blog space through working through the details of WordPress, exploring different themes, experimenting with plugins, and getting used to CPanel. All of this is part of the assignment for week 2 and I figure this video might be helpful for any one who wants a sense of where we are and where we are going. I ran into issues with the streaming live server because I waited to the last minute to get the credentials, but I promise that the stream will be live here and ready to go for Gardner Campbell’s presentation/discussion this Thursday, January 26th at 6 PM EST.

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