Paul Bond’s Tales From the Animated Crypt

There’s been so much awesome work coming out of ds106 the that’s it been a bit overwhelming. I want to write about EVERYTHING, but that often leads to me writing about none of it. Tonight I have decided to break that vicious cycle and start writing about as much of it as I can, and in no particular order. Why not? It is my blog after all, and the less I write the less likely others will be able to appreciate how awesome this class is right now. I think what got me thinking this way was the course video Martha, Paul, and I did last night wherein we featured a bunch of work from around noir106—and we only scratched the surface. There is so much talent this semester!

It felt so good to feature so much work that I decided to turn over a new leaf on the bava, and start pushing myself to feature at least one work everyday. So, first up is Paul Bond’s animated comic book cover from the Tales from the Crypt series I blogged about the other day. I was toying with the idea of animating the man buried alive banging on the coffin, and Paul went ahead and did the heavy lifting—kind of a theme in our relationship 🙂 As you can see below, his animation came out very nicely!


And the added touches of the “Tales from the ds106” and Martha, Paul, and I as the Crypt-Keeper, Witch, and Vault-Keeper respectively was recommended by the great John Johnston here. This whole thing just smacks of the shenanigans that continue to make ds106 so much fun. And thanks to this back and forth, I think we have our theme for Fall’s iteration of the course at UMW: “Tales from the ds106” #4death 🙂

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