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From the #ds106 Valley of the Shadow of Death

Paul Bond and I are collaborating on yet another iteration of ds106 this semester: Tales from ds106. Like Noir 106, this class is inspired by a specific theme, namely horror. Early on we’ll be using some of the 1950s EC Comics Tales from the Crypt to explore … Continue reading

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And All Through the House

I started watching the first few Tales from the Crypt episodes over break, and while it’s uneven, there are some crazy ass episodes. For example, the second episode of season 1, “All Through the House,” which aired on June 10, 1989, and … Continue reading

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Tales from the Crypt: “Last Laugh”

I got volume 4 of the Tales from the Crypt archive last week, and it’s even crazier than volume 3. It’s a beautiful edition published by Dark Horse Comics, and I highly recommend it to any and all fans of early 20th … Continue reading

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Paul Bond’s Tales From the Animated Crypt

There’s been so much awesome work coming out of ds106 the that’s it been a bit overwhelming. I want to write about EVERYTHING, but that often leads to me writing about none of it. Tonight I have decided to break that … Continue reading

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Grounds…for Horror!

While in L.A. last week, my good friend Mikhail and I made a stop at the comic shop Meltdown. It’s a great store. They have everything from comics to graphic novels to figurines to video games—and the folks who work there are both … Continue reading

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