Pink Elephants on Parade

I sat down yesterday evening with my son to watch Dumbo (1941) for the first time in almost thirty years. Everything seemed pretty much like I remembered until we hit the Pink Elephants on Parade scene (included below). Wow, now there is a trippy scene at any age, and we both remarked as much 🙂 Enjoy.

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  1. man, how would they have storyboarded that? I’m guessing it was less of “melt from dancing elephants to an elephant playing a trumpet, and the end of the trumpet explodes as elephants dance out the end of it” and more along the lines of “drop some tabs, wait a minute, then draw a bunch of shit and see what happens.”

  2. Reverend says:


    Exactly what we were thinking. The whole sequence is just so far out.

  3. Brian says:

    Then there’s the version with Sun Ra’s music:

  4. Mikhail says:

    Wow. That’s great. Say what you will about the inherent politics of most Disney films, there was some real imaginative stuff going on — especially in the 40s and 50s.

  5. 1941, to think this was before the major psychedelic movement. Unless Albert Hoffman was feeding stuff to Disney, but he didn’t really hit pay dirt on LSD until 1943.

    Interesting to think that the human mind is wired for the psychedelic. Great post thanks!

  6. Brian says:

    Not sure why, but my comment yesterday with a link to the YouTube version with music by Sun Ra got scrubbed:

  7. Reverend says:

    After I saw Eli walking, I figured he is now ready to “groove.”

    “the human brain wired for the pyschedelic”…now thee is a great sentiment that I can run with. So often the brain is associated with rationality and unemotional logic, thinking of it’s circuitry alog the lines of the psychedelic opens up a brave mew world, the rationality is how we have short circuited our inner pink elephants 🙂


    Found the original, seems like Spam Karma is picking on you, i must learn it a lesson. Sun Ra is nuts, and them doing that song in concert must have been something special to behold live.

  8. neva says:

    From your TWEET I get to the NYTimes blog to see what they are saying about EDUPUNK, and magically I find myself watching Pink Elephants On Parade, and I can’t stop watching. And I think to myself, how did this happen? How is it that once again, instead of editing copy, I am on bavatuesdays trippin with an old clip? And I CAN’T turn away.

  9. “Look out! Look out!”

    Sounds remarkably like the admonishments I get at work when people realize I am tryin’ to rattle peoples’ cages and challenge them to think just a wee bit differently about why we do what we do. Change? Oooooh that’s scary stuff. Sigh.

    PS I love the new glasses.

  10. Reverend says:

    “They’re coming to get you Barabra….” 🙂

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