Portare fuori il cane…

…or “Walking the dog” Italian-style.

The extent of social services runs deep in Italy. And I had the opportunity early this morning to experience to what degree a civilized social system can make the quotidian chores of life easier and more pleasant. Take, for example, walking the dog, a relatively simple process that most folks in a wide variety of cultures are familiar with. But let me ask you this: does your local municipality provide you with state-of-the-art doggie bags for the more sensitive parts of any dog-walking trip?

Here in Trento, my first household charge was to walk my in-laws’ dog, appropriately named “dogie” [sic]. I found this chore to be far more pleasurable and civilized than most of those folks I see in the US doggedly trailing after their canines with the old re-usable plastic bag from the local grocery store chain. Take a look at what style and sophistication the region of Trento provided me with this morning free of charge.

Italian Dog Bags

Italian Dog Bags

Ahh, the bella vita in Italia.

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