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So Your iPhone was Stolen in Milan

This statue in front of the Milan stock exchange is the last photo taken before my phone was stolen 10 minutes later—foreshadowing? It all happened pretty fast. Antonella and I were eating ice cream in a gelatteria not far from … Continue reading

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Open Education in Italy or, an Introduction to the Introduction

I’ll be blogging from behind for the next week or so, but let me start by sharing some good news for Italian colleague and friend, Fabio Nascimbeni, who published his freely available book on Open Education in Italian. It’s an … Continue reading

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Ancient Roman Beach Vacation

The beaches of Chia I am currently in London with some downtime as I prepare for a Domains workshop in Coventry tomorrow. I’m just coming off the longest vacation I have taken in probably twenty years (if not longer). Twelve … Continue reading

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Carless in Trento

One of the things that we were reflecting on this morning was that we’ve been carless for the entirety of our almost two years in Trento. We used Antonella’s mom’s car on and off the first year, as we tried … Continue reading

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Take a hike, bava!

Selfie on the way up to the Bindesi For the last three or four months I’ve been trying to get with the Trento program, in other words learning to embrace the verticality of my environs. For the first year or … Continue reading

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Picturing Italy

I think I vaguely remember something about this technology called blogging where you share the inane things of your life. I might have even done it once upon a time…. I’m back, relatively guilt free, from a month long mix … Continue reading

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Language by Osmosis

Next week marks a year in Italy. It’s crazy how quickly that went. I’m in a unique position that while I live here now 99% of my day-to-day business is still conducted in my mother tongue. I speak English at home … Continue reading

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A Monument to Trentino’s Founding Father

In a couple of weeks I’ll have been in Trento for a year, which is mind boggling to me. As some may have guessed who follow me on social media, I’m enjoying myself immensely. This has arguably been the single … Continue reading

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Three Things

Thing 1: In mid-September of last year I got a new computer in anticipation of my imminent departure from UMW. It was a 13″ Macbook Pro, and my first retina screen—I’m a fan. Two weeks later while visiting BYU I … Continue reading

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Reclaiming Italy

I’ve been on the move the last few weeks presenting. From Puerto Rico (Sagrado) to Sacramento (University of the Pacific) to Washington DC (Georgetown) to Utah (BYU) to Trento, Italy (new home!) to Porto, Portugal (TEEM 15 conference), and presently … Continue reading

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