Post-Conference Sloan-C Interview

On Wednesday I had a discussion with Sandra CoswatteCathy ArreguinZeren Eder, and Holly Rae Bemis-Schurtz of Sloan-C about the presentation I gave at et4online conference . The interview covers a brief history of my beginnings in the field of edtech—which centers around having gotten a domain and web hosting in 2003. It moves on to my landing a job at UMW, as well as the long history of Domain of One’s Own (I’ve pretty much been doing this one thing in various forms for ten years).

There’s a bit of the video wherein I go on a tear about embodiment, philosophy, and the academic reality of domains that makes little to no sense, but when has that ever stopped me? Also, I guess that was part of the fun for me. We were all just rapping.  I think the point that is coming back to me again and again these days is just how powerful a platform like UMW Domains could be for empwoering faculty and students to control their work, while at the same time re-imagining curriculum across just about every discipline. A broader, integrated vision of what this project could mean for web literacy is really getting me excited.

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