Producing The Joy of ds106

I’m officially back in the ds106 saddle as a producer for the public access station. I think the last time I had any significant presence in a ds106 class was 2015 or so, so this feels good, especially in the wake of the 10.6 year anniversary of this craziness. Paul Bond and I work quite well together, and part of that is he’s not only always prepared but pretty mellow about whatever happens after that. Paul framed the course around the theme of Bob Ross‘s “The Joy of Painting,” and after ghosting him for a couple of weeks given I can be a flake, we met earlier this week to hash out how this might work. We quickly decided to frame it as a low-budget public television that I was helping to produce. With me as the annoying producer who interrupted regularly and Paul as the ray of sunshine imparting knowledge and encouragement to the students, how could we go wrong?

We hashed out a make-shift script yesterday and today and then recorded this morning. It’s rough, but the running gag is the producer telling the artist they need to up their game when it comes to production value. Where is the musical intro? How about a video bumper? Any graphics? The idea being that would all come over time as we learn and build on top of the canvas that is ds106, ideally with the students providing the art!

It’s fun to be back in the land of ds106 more fully because it allows for further honing of the OBS skills. On that note, is an absolute godsend for producing shows like this when the hosts are both remote. There is much joy in ds106, and this blog will be chronicling that story over the next few months. Lock it in!

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