Love Games at Reclaim Arcade

Tim shared a music video that was recorded at Reclaim Arcade this Spring from the artist Devsoul X VIVA MONSTA with a song titled “Love Games.” It is pretty awesome to see the artists playing Pitfall in the living room and then dance and grinding in a room full of old school arcade cabinets. I am all about the Love Games!

I loved seeing the Star Castle marquee highlighted so prominently, as well as Crystal Castles, both gorgeous cabinets from the amazing DNS Games! The shots with the Reclaim Arcade logo and the LED strips are quite impressive too. Pretty awesome to see the space from their perspective, and kudos to them for renting out the arcade bringing in some smoke machines, and making some art, dammit!

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  1. Eric Likness says:

    Now that music video right there is worth every penny it took to get Reclaim Arcade off the ground. You couldn’t have built a set like that in LA or NY. Plus, who would have had access to the Living room AND the Arcade in one place. That’s 2 sets for the price of one Music Video. Oooo lah, lah.

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