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With some headspace slowly freeing up between running Reclaim Hosting and Reclaim Arcade, Tim and I have been getting back to some of the joy of Reclaim. As it often begins, Tim got a couple of toys to help me see the repairs he is doing in the various cabinets more clearly. This included some cool camera stands that can attach to the cabinets for some more detailed views. In fact, the following screenshots were from our experimenting with how this might work with BurgerTime, which we had to swap out the inline power supply with a switching power supply—a common fix for these games.

You also can see this in action in this screenshot where Tim is reading a mutlimeter, and I can see that quite clearly:

And soon after Tim fixed the Burgertime cocktail he made the first Reclaim Arcade fix-it video about an issue with our Frogger. It was awesome to wake-up and watch a video capturing the fix.

I’ve been feeling the video bug for a bit now, and the idea of recording fixes of these machines is not only useful for us, but most likely for others out there that are trying to wrap their head around these machines. It’s a brilliant way to share what we are doing at Reclaim Arcade, and I’m fired up Tim has made the idea a reality in roughly 24 hours, so like and subscribe for more 🙂

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