Proud Papa, indeed

Katie Jones was part of the illustrious first class of ds106. A mighty internaut was she, and it has come to my attention on twitter that her ds106 kung-fu has not gone dormant.

Image of katie Jones proud papa moment on twitter

I couldn’t help but let her know how awesome I thought that was on twitter, and she couldn’t help but blog it. So who am I to stop the reciprocal love, so this blog is an homage to Katie Jones for exhibiting a few things brilliantly:

1) Skills you learn in ds106 are useful well beyond the life of the class
2) Blogging regularly is awesome
3) Twitter is amazing for keeping in touch with former students as a resource, a source of encouragement, and a general sense of community beyond 15 weeks

And I am doing very little justice to Katie’s blog which is an ongoing discussion with much bigger life questions: like faith, love and loss—now that’s blogging!

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