Puny Wallet! Hulk Smash!

I got a new wallet this weekend, and everytime I use it out to pay for something I get a compliment. That’s been foreign reality to me for a long while. And I enjoyed it so much I figured I would throw a couple of scans (thanks Patrick!) of my bitchin Hulk wallet on the bava blog to see if I can’t get a few more 😉


I bought it at a local Fredericksburg art studio called Ponshop. I discovered it while picking up my daughter from her art camp at the gallery. Once I spied this beautiful pop art creation I isntantly fell in love. There were a few others featuring different comics, but I couldn’t resist the Hulk. The designer of these awesome wallets is Leslie Brier, the same artist who ran my daughter’s camp. I can’t thank her enough for finally getting me compliments again. Who said art wasn’t practical 🙂


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5 Responses to Puny Wallet! Hulk Smash!

  1. MBS says:

    This would be a great project for the maker commons. Is it just laminated built from what looks like a couple comic book pages layered? And I see the outside zigzag stitch goes all the way through, but the inside middle stitch doesn’t seem too? Maybe stitched then outside layer was added?

    Sorry for all the dork questions, but a cool wallet and I’d love to see the comics students found to make their own!

  2. Reverend says:

    Yeah, you are exactly right. Stitches through on the outside, just holding the space between the pockets onto the inside of the cash wall. It’s really simple, and the actual cutting up of the comic into a piece that works is a lot of the art. So cool!

    Also, i have a sweatshirt I’ll be sending your way any day now. You left it here in the Spring of 2012, and my inertia-laden ass is just getting around to send it back. I owe youa wallet 🙂

    • MBS says:

      Hmmm…I don’t remember leaving a sweatshirt. But my brain is all scrabbled eggs about stuff like that. Definitely going to make a few of these, it’ll inspire me to re-learn how to use a sewing machine. Last time was back in 8th grade home ec class when I made a skate board pillow with felt stripes and black feet silhouettes. Man I wish I still had that thing!

  3. It’s cool, but not as cool as your den – but face it, what is?

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