Re-imagining the Science Poster

I have been moonlighting around campus this semester as a Dog, CogDog, introducing students and faculty to Alan’s 50 Ways to Tell a Digital Story.  Well, there have been a number of good projects that I promise I will add to his wiki and tag in delicious accordingly. But one in particular for Judith Parker’s Psycholinguistics class is pretty wild. Justin Toney created his science poster for the class with Glogster, and I think he did so to some great effect—I dig the aesthetics of it. Imagine that, a web-based science poster that isn’t a progeny of PowerPoint! You can see the full version here.

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4 Responses to Re-imagining the Science Poster

  1. Alan Levine says:

    Thanks for putting on the dog!

    And I agree with you that Justin’s poster is really stellar, and shows that these web tools can do more than make silly pinups. Just in time, as in a few minutes I am doing a 50 Ways remote presentation for Dean Shareski’s students, and now I have a new glogster to demo.

    I do think that Glogster is one of the better ones to pass on to students to generate project results.

  2. Allison says:

    That’s beautiful! I love how the headings stand out from the rest of the text and graphics, and the different “paper” each section is spelled out on looks really sharp.

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  4. Andy Rush says:

    This such a cool find and it has my brain firing in all kinds of directions. Especially as you mention the venerable science poster. Just browsing through the “glogs” I see that YouTube videos can be embedded. Imagine THAT element as part of your poster presentation! Also it wasn’t clear right away, but to get the glogs full screen, you right-click on the screen and choose Full Screen. Then you’re able to scroll the poster and the media elements are still available. You can also right click and print the poster. Again the edtech community FTW!

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