Reclaim Arcade in the Free-Lance Star

The robot really slims me!

I just wanted to take a second and thank Cathy Jett for her awesome write-up of Reclaim Arcade in the Free-Lance Star. I love that we have the potential to be a local phenomenon with the arcade, and I hope Fredericksburg digs it. If you’re currently, like me, in Europe you may have a hard time accessing the article in the wake of GDPR, so the following link will get you a PDF copy (forgive the formatting): Free-Lance Star Article about Reclaim Arcade. It’s exciting to be starting a local venture with a predominantly physical footprint given how different it is than anything we have done before, and if nothing else Reclaim Hosting will have the coolest office in the world!

Things have been gaining momentum on the Reclaim Arcade front, and all the details will require a longer post. But, in the meantime here’s some quick highlights: we have started to acquire pinballs machines, which are very beautiful. And they are appropriately 80s themed, and we have one more secret pinball machine we can not yet disclose—like and subscribe for more 🙂 This week we are hunting for 80s themed furniture for the living room, which we hope to have on display at the Frosty Brew Thru in Fredericksburg on January 25th. We’ll be brining along some pinball machines and video game cabinets for the folks attending, and I am very much looking forward to the response! Reclaim is #4life!

Update: Thanks to the ever awesome Anna Rinko, I know have an image of the actual article: 

Image of Reclaim Arcade article in Free-Lance Star

Image of Reclaim Arcade article in Free-Lance Star

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  1. Eric Likness says:

    I like how the image has your head appropriately overlaying the game “TRON” as you are like Flynn, trapped in the machines. James Ex Machina.

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