Reclaim Arcade: It’s Alive!

Tim and I are thrilled to ring in 2021 with some good news on the Reclaim Arcade front, namely that IT’S ALIVE!

We’re currently taking advanced bookings on our website for 2-hour blocks of time starting Friday, January 29th. This is exciting given back in May we were seriously wondering if the arcade would ever see the light of day, but hope springs eternal at Reclaim and we’re officially back in the game!

Strip mall signage #4life

So what do we mean by 2-hour blocks? In light of COVID-19, we decided to adopt a booking model that enables up to 20 people to enjoy the arcade for two hours slots at $20 a head (all games are on free play). Reservations can be booked in advance online, and if the entire space is available for a specific time slot you will be given the option to reserve the entire space at a significant discount—I may have to do just that for my 50th birthday party this year.

Humanoids can enter Reclaim Arcade on January 29th!

Starting January 29th we will be open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and folks can book the space as far out as April 2021. If we find demand is greater than available time/space we might consider adding more slots, but I guess we’ll see given we understand we are living during interesting times.

Enter through Reclaim Video

Above all, we’ll finally be able to enable people to share the awesomeness that is Reclaim Arcade as safely and comfortably as possible. We’ll evaluate the efficacy of the booking approach in a few months, and if things change more globally and we can open with fewer restrictions that would be a welcome development. But until then though, it’s still on like Donkey Kong!

A Strip Mall of Our Own

We also should give a special thank you to Lauren Hanks who designed the website for us. I love it! Hell, even my kids think it is gorgeous—and they’re Italian designer euro babies, so you know that is saying something.

Book your reservations on

The site gives you a good idea of “What to Expect” and really helps highlight the intentional experience we’ve created with Reclaim Arcade between entering through Reclaim Video VHS store only to find yourself in a 1980s living room, which then gives way to a full blown early 80s arcade. It is magic!

And the available Games pages is the!

And this does not even cover Tim’s amazing video wall he recently created, which will be a wild  canvas for video artists to explore. It’s just another brilliant element of an already “chock full of nuts” spot.

So run, don’t walk, to and smash that “Book Now” button to be time-warped back into the 80s.


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2 Responses to Reclaim Arcade: It’s Alive!

  1. Ryan Collins says:

    That is awesome! Hopefully some time in the coming years I’ll get a chance to visit. (Looks like it’s an 8 hour drive. 🙂

    • Reverend says:

      We’ll be waiting for you with bells on 🙂 Hopefully the fact that we are right of the 95 will give you the chance to stop by on the road to elsewhere, I’m hoping that proves the case for folks as a pitstop given I can’t think of a better way to break up a long drive 🙂

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