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Reclaim Arcade: It’s Alive!

Tim and I are thrilled to ring in 2021 with some good news on the Reclaim Arcade front, namely that IT’S ALIVE! We’re currently taking advanced bookings on our website for 2-hour blocks of time starting Friday, January 29th. This … Continue reading

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DVD: It’s a movie on a disc the size of a CD

At last year’s OER19 conference the great Laura Ritchie brought me a suitcase full of VHS tapes. Within this there were the first five episodes of The Sopranos on tape that when lockdown started a couple of weeks ago I … Continue reading

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A Short, Imperfect History of 80s Media Culture as Told by 3 C.H.U.D. VHS Tapes

Some might ask, “Why buy 3 different versions of C.H.U.D. on VHS? Isn’t that overkill?” The short answer is “Yes,” but the longer answer is and “Why the hell do you care? Are you some kind of minimalist, or worse … Continue reading

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