Reclaim Arcade: the Email Game

Things are getting serious, I now have my official Reclaim Arcade email address: That makes 5 email addresses!

The way I run my email is foward my various email addresses from  Reclaim Hosting, Rockaway, and Reclaim Arcade’s Google Suite accounts all into This becomes the catch-all, and I remain a dedicated browser-based email user. No client can contain my multitudes!

Forwarding from one Google account to another is dead simple, the trick is being able to reply from the account as How will I ever figure this out? Oh wait, I blogged it! And the last sentence in that post says it all:

And it seems so clear right now, but two years later when this all goes to hell I will have forgotten everything I thought I know, hence the blog!

And, as it happens, my playing with Mailgun recently for the bavaserver has paid immediate dividends given I need to use Mailgun as a transactional service for sending my emails through my account. Why? Seems when you are sending emails using a Google address that is forwarded from another Google Suite address the Google SMTP servers don’t like it. Something about crossing the streams. So, in the end, it is easier and cleaner to use a service like Mailgun.

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