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Mail Suppression

No, the other mail suppression! You see, if I was a better blogger and a funnier person I would write extended similes like Martin Weller in his “Your social media choices, as 70s disco tracks,” making him the undisputed John … Continue reading

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Configuring Email for a Ghost Docker Container on Reclaim Cloud

When I first installed Ghost many a year ago the most difficult element of setting it up was getting mail working. I used Mailgun for the first time during that process, and since then API-driven mail services have become pretty … Continue reading

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Reclaim Arcade: the Email Game

Things are getting serious, I now have my official Reclaim Arcade email address: jim@reclaimarcade.com. That makes 5 email addresses! The way I run my email is foward my various email addresses from  Reclaim Hosting, Rockaway, and Reclaim Arcade’s Google Suite … Continue reading

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Sending Email from a Forwarded Gmail Using Mailgun

This post is pretty much a sticky note for myself to remember how I did this, but someone out there may find it useful. The scenario is I forward my jim@reclaimhosting.com email (hosted through Google Apps) to my jimgroom@gmail.com address. … Continue reading

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Using External SMTP Servers for Forwarded Email with Google Apps Address

In the spirit of Documentation December at Reclaim Hosting, I’m following up on a tutorial I wrote about Sending Mail from a Forwarded Email Address through Gmail. I was having issues adding my jim@reclaimhosting.com email account to my Gmail account as a … Continue reading

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Sending Mail from a Forwarded Email Address (Gmail)

Immediately after my last post for “Documentation December” on Forwarding Email in CPanel, I got a question about whether you can reply to messages sent to that email from the forwarded address. This is possible, and I will try and document … Continue reading

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What the Heck is Electronic Mail?

In last night’s The Internet Course the student panel did an excellent job sparking discussion around the social, economic, and cultural impacts of the internet. It made me think how remarkable it is that almost forty years later e-mail is still “the killer app.” … Continue reading

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Hardboiled Week 5: Housekeeping and Ask the Dust

Email sent to class for week 5 of Hardboiled class. ________________________________________ All, Please read this email in its entirety. Wikipedia Research Article: Project #1 I would like at least 5 volunteers for the first Wikipedia research project which will be … Continue reading

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