Reclaim Cloud Q&A

Yesterday Tim, Lauren, and I sat down to talk more in-depth about Reclaim Cloud, as well as use the occasion to respond to questions folks have about this new platform that’s currently in open beta.

018: Cloud Q&A

If you want a look at what we discussed before committing, below are a list of topics covered and questions from the community.

Laying the Foundation / Ice Breakers

  • For anyone hearing about this for the first time, what is Reclaim Cloud?
  • Can you talk about Reclaim Cloud in terms of the ‘trailing-edge’ technology that Reclaim Hosting already has? How does it fit in with existing products? Or does it?
  • You all have no doubt heard about the ‘house’ metaphor being used to describe a personal domain or web space, in which each room of the house might be a page of your website. Or on a larger scale, each room might be a domain or application that makes up a greater digital identity. How does Reclaim Cloud fit into this metaphor?
  • Who is Reclaim Cloud for?
  • Talk to me about the technology. In checking out the website or even playing around in the Reclaim Cloud dashboard for the first time, it seems like there’s so much that can be done. And when getting into the world of Docker containers the options truly feel endless. This is great, but what are you all doing to guide the non-developers / beginners for getting started?

Questions from the Community:

Paul Bond: What’s in it for ?

@Scottlo: What’s in it for me?

Ben Rimes: What would it take to launch and host your own video sharing platform; MyTube so to speak.

Shannon: You know I’m definitely interested in future thoughts about how this fits in with your work with schools doing DoOO. We have lots of CS majors who would benefit from this kind of offering I think.

Meredith Fierro: What’s one aspect Reclaim Cloud that has you all excited?

Anne-Marie Scott: Any plans for a Jupyter Notebooks installer? (on a related note, Tony Hirst – I made some notes on a simple 1-click installer he built for Reclaim Cloud)

As usual with discussions like this one, they’re as much about trying to understand what Reclaim Cloud could be while remaining cognizant that is will be an evolving narrative. more than that, we really hope to foster a community of users through Reclaim to start exploring the cloud in higher education through hands-on exploration and experimentation.

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