Reclaim EdTech takes the “Form of Awesome” in June

It is with distinct pleasure that I get to announce that Tom Woodward will be running a month-long flex course on Gravity Forms throughout the month of June. Gravity Forms is a powerful form-building tool that works with WordPress, and this course will consist of weekly live sessions that will move from the basics to increasingly more complex “forms of awesome” that I understand will culminate in a form-driven database of super villains.

We will ensure you have everything you need to get up and running with Gravity Forms as part of the course, and you can actively participate in real-time on a weekly basis during the live sessions or asynchronously throughout the month in Discord.  No worries if you cannot make one or more of the live sessions given both recordings and chat will be available on-demand immediately after each session, and the Discord channel will be constantly active for questions, concerns, and show and tell.

You can sign-up for this course here for $450, but keep in mind it is included—as are all our events—for anyone with an annual Reclaim EdTech subscription. So, activate your edtech powers and take the Form of Awesome flex course with Tom Woodward!

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