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It’s been almost 3 years since Reclaim Hosting’s first t-shirt featuring Bryan Mathers original vinyl logo.

And given we have moved into the VHS era of Reclaim last year, we figured it was high time to push out a new t-shirts featuring our new logo, which if you look closely still has the old logo in tact (pretty sneaky, sis). 

So Friday, thanks to the lightning fast microsite development that Lauren Brumfield is quickly becoming famous for at Reclaim, we introduced out latest shirt designs:


We had a third color we were hoping to push out, but that is currently on hold given what we saw was not exactly what we got—so we’re re-thinking that design. You can find either of these shirts over at the Reclaim Hosting store, and if you are attending OER19 in Galway we would be happy to hand deliver any merch given the cost for international shipping can get steep.

We also added some of our OG merch such as the Reclaim Video shirts, the original  logo Reclaim Hosting shirts, and Domains17 shirts. What’s more,  we also have added some stickers into the mix. So as our newest tagline “Be Kind, Reclaim”

Or the Reclaim Hosting VHS tape:

Or the Reclaim Video TV:

It’s pretty fun to see a storefront that provides a peek into the archaeology of how we have imagined the aesthetic around Reclaim. I say it again and again on this blog, but exploring creative ways to frame Reclaim has been some of the funnest and most rewarding work I’ve been a part of, and unfortunately it is shamefully undervalued by most groups and organizations in edtech. I believe the role of framing your mission and the principles you represent should be as much visual as rhetorical, and more and more I find the former even more compelling than the latter. Anyway, Reclaim is #4life, and if you find anything that catches your fancy head on over to the store and and reclaim some merch 🙂

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