Reclaim Roadshow hits the Skid

It’s been quite day, week, month…the like of a Reclaimer is always intense! Between shoring up a wave of new schools with Domain of One’s Own as Fall arrived (welcome University of Brighton, CSU San Bernardino, Skidmore College, Wesleyan University, Bates College, and Drew University) as well as our more recent WordPress Multisite schools (hello Trinity Western College and University of New England!) we’ve been head’s down busy. What’s more, the new semester pushed our shared hosting services for universities and colleges everywhere into high gear. So, what did we do? We decided to add another event: the Reclaim Roadshow!

The idea of doing regional user-groups is something Justin Webb (we are getting the band back together!) suggested. We ran the Workshop of One’s Own twice last year and that was fun, but it was primarily focused on admin training and deep-dive into managing Domain of One’s Own. What we haven’t been doing (besides the Domains17 conference) is getting folks together to share how they are using Domains and show-off some of their work. We start discussing a possibility in the Spring, but after Ben Harwood talked to Lauren and I about a training session it quickly transformed into a two-day training/user-group event in beautiful Saratoga Spring, NY thanks to the good folks at Skidmore College. The event will be broken up into two-days, the first day will be admin  training and targeted instructional usage of Domains and the second will be a user-group conference driven my folks in the community sharing their experience, approach, projects, etc. 

2012/366/96 I Found the Bus!

We don’t have a Reclaim Bus yet, but I have to believe that cannot be far behind. So, if you are in the Upstate New York area (or willing to travel from around the Northeast) we would love to see you at the Reclaim Roadshow at Skidmore College on November 8 and 9th.

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