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It was only a matter of time at the pace I’ve been going with setting up Mastodon instances that Reclaim Hosting would get its own snazzy server, and that day was Wednesday. I streamed the setup so that I would have an on-the-fly guide for getting everything setup from the VPS in Reclaim Cloud to DNS in Cloudflare to email in Mailgun to storage in Digital Ocean’s Spaces. The last bit was exciting for me because I realized in version 4.0.2 of Mastodon they’re building DO’s Spaces into the server setup, which is a million times easier to create than AWS’s S3.*

I had everything done in less than an hour, but then got hung-up on a confounding nginx config error that I fumbled around with for way too long between the 1 hour mark and 1:18:00. So if you just want to get to the punchline, go to 1:18 for the proper setup of nginx. Other than that, the process went pretty smoothly, and I do like that Digital Ocean’s Spaces is a viable option for folks now.


*What’s more, if you are using Digital Ocean’s one-click instance of Mastodon I imagine this is pretty convenient.

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