Samson Would Have Laughed

Over a week ago Adam Croom reached out to Tim and I to help him make a game for Keegan Long-Wheeler, who is presently convalescing from brain surgery. We were asked to create a short video of us responding to a support ticket regarding Keegan’s blog not working, and if that may somehow be related to his recent hair loss as a result of the surgery.*  I was dragging my ass on this a bit, though as often happens in my Reclaimed life Tim was not.  He locked in and created his short video and the gauntlet had been thrown. It was a mini-masterpiece of sysadmin roleplaying. Not since the sysadmin from the 2001 heist film The Score, has sysadmin aping been this good:

Don’t believe me? take a minute of your life and see for yourself:

Tim left no stone unturned, he had everything: the glasses, the Mountain Dew, living in mom’s basement, and most of all that special sysadmin arrogance 🙂 After seeing his masterpiece I was actually relieved because I knew there was no way I could match it, no less top it (something I have gotten used to working with Tim), and I just played the hits—throwing in my youngest son for cute points:

Tommaso’s performance steals the show, and I’m pretty much a caricature of myself talking smack on OER,  a stretch as you can imagine.

Doing this short video was a blast, and you can play Adam’s game here. It does remind me of how much fun these videos can be. I used to do a lot more of this stuff, and with Reclaim Video I am hoping to return to more of this. I have a few ideas for some video projects in the works, and we are bringing Michael Branson Smith down to Fredericksburg next month to get this party started 🙂

*Although it’s not really hair loss when they shave it for a surgery—trust me, I know this much and his locks will grow back!

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  1. Adam Croom says:

    I have to agree that Tommaso really did bring his A-game. 🙂 Thanks to all three of you for being awesome.

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