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Zach Whalen pointed me to this Reddit thread a UMW student started about the UMW Console Living Room exhibit. It comes in the form of a plea to preserve the installation from SHUTDOWN!!! While there has been no direct threat of shutting us down just yet, we all know it’s coming. So I really enjoyed this pre-emptive strike on Reddit to let everyone know how much UMW students love their 1980s living room. Over 1100 up-votes, and almost 57K views of the image set. There can be no mistake the people have spoken. They love the 80s, and UMW needs to commit to keeping this decade alive on campus 🙂

For a project that has already been one of the coolest things I’ve been a part of, this Reddit post just made it that much better. I love you, SachBren, whoever you are! As for the future of the Console Living Room, we’re gonna have to fight for the past we want. Remember Seaco!!!

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