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Reclaim Arcade: Game Pick-ups, Living Rooms, Frosty Brew Thru, and Utah Arcades

My time back in Virginia, Utah and New York several weeks ago was jam-packed with work. In fact, my old bones are still recovering. Not only did I get a chance to attend the ever stellar UniversityAPI conference in Provo, … Continue reading

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A MBS Special Presentation at Reclaim Video

This blog is pretty much all Reclaim all the time these days, and I am so very alright with that fact. Between Reclaim Hosting and Reclaim Video, what more could a blogger want? I already wrote about the first Summer Movie … Continue reading

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Reclaim Video: The Website

One of the elements of Reclaim Video that I am most excited about is exploring what is possible through the website. We launched the website as part of the world premier at OER18,  and it’s pretty awesome. We had a … Continue reading

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The Reclaiming Innovation Roadshow at Coventry University

At the end of April Brian Lamb and I spent three days on the ground at Coventry University. We were cordially invited by the great Daniel Villar-Onrubia given his interest in an EDUCAUSE Review article we wrote back in 2014 titled “Reclaiming … Continue reading

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Small is Beautiful: A Study of Ed-Tech as if People Mattered

Last week I had the distinct pleasure of presenting at the yearly conference for the consortium of American international liberal arts institutions, also known as AMICAL. This was far an away the most diverse conference I have ever been to. … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Advantages of VHS

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I spent a few industrious days back in Fredericksburg. For all the smack I talk on the burg, it was good to be back. I got to spend some quality time with Tim talking Reclaim Hosting and more. I also got to … Continue reading

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Civic TV: the One You Take to Bed with You

I did some shopping online last week and picked up some #umwconsole appropriate leisure wear. This stunning Civic TV t-shirt was made possible by the good folks at StrangeLoveTees. You may not get the reference, in fact I’d be surprised if … Continue reading

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Hi Score

This is a screenshot of my recent hi score on Asteroids for Atari 2600. It’s really a pretty simple game, so this score is really not an accomplishment. Now if I actually finish Raiders of the Lost Ark for Atari … Continue reading

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#umwconsole Now with 2 Channels!

I spent most of the spring writing about UMW’s Living Room Console exhibit, a re-creation of a 1985 living room in a tucked away corner of the brand spanking new Information and Technology Convergence Center at UMW.  I spent the … Continue reading

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