Spider-Man 1967, Episode 27: “Spiderman Battles The Molemen”

Quick note to anyone who has been following the simple re-publishing of the 1967 Spider-Man series on this blog, right around episode 21, which is the beginning of Season 2, there is an entirely new look and feel to the series. It seems like the psychedelic visions of the 60s all of a sudden exploded upon Spidey, and the person behind this psychedelic invasion is none other than the animation legend Ralph Bakshi (pre-Fritz the Cat). In the King Pinned episode you can really see a lot of what will be the aesthetic for the groundbreaking animated film Fritz the Cat. What’s trippy about the Bakshi episodes is the music and trippy colored backgrounds, also the episodes seem obsessed with going into the underground world of freaks and mole people. It’s really great stuff, and simply wild to see the explosion of 60s culture on the Spider-man cartoon so suddenly.

It’s a race against time for Spider-Man as the classic villain “The Mole” returns with a vengeance. With the buildings of New York disappearing one by one it’s up to Spidey to save the day. Relying on his “Spider-hearing,” to decipher a cryptic message, Peter Parker swings into action. This time it’s an adventure below ground as Spider-Man must outrun a race of elves, outwit a subterranean rock giant and of course overcome the underground Kingdom of “The Mole People” before it’s too late. Check out the classic Spider-man episode from 1967 and see what happens as “Spiderman Battles The Molemen”

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