STEMmED II Colloquium: the Return of the Bava

I want to thank the goods folks at Universidad de Sagrado Corazon, particularly the great Antonio Vantaggiato, for once again inviting me to their gorgeous campus to talk about integrating media production into a variety of courses across the curriculum (something I am experimenting with currently with the True Crime course I am co-teaching with Paul Bond). The title of this post refers to a joke between Antonio made while we were there. This is Antonio’s second big Federal STEM grant, and he nicknamed this one in the vein of a b-movie horror sequel: STEMmEd II -The House of Science (the first was titled STEMmEd). You know I love that!

And in that vein, this presentation, which follows talks by Gardner Campbell and Alan Levine (the pressure was on!) I went back to my roots and talked about my early days of daddy blogging, my discovery of the Internet Archive,  and some early examples of imaginging media as part of the curriculum at UMW. It was an extemporaneous presentation, but I want to return to this one and fine tune it because I really like how it felt.

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