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The Boy Who Streamed Too Much

So after digging in on the streaming for Reclaim Karaoke Tuesday night, I turned to preparing a discussion about Mario Bava’s seminal giallo film The Girl Who Knew Too Much (1963). That discussion happened last night, and it was streamed … Continue reading

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Diabolik: a Cultural Revolution Comic on Film

I already blogged a bit about using OBS to produce and stream a class visit Paul Bond and I did for Antonio Vantaggiato‘s Italian Cinema course last week. I wanted to use this post to talk briefly about the clips … Continue reading

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STEMmED II Colloquium: the Return of the Bava

I want to thank the goods folks at Universidad de Sagrado Corazon, particularly the great Antonio Vantaggiato, for once again inviting me to their gorgeous campus to talk about integrating media production into a variety of courses across the curriculum … Continue reading

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A DTLT Today Weekly Round Up (9-2-11)

There were a ton of solid DTLT Today episodes last week. Tim Owens and I interviewed Antonio Vantaggiato on his work in progress (The Zen of Teaching) that interviews a variety of folks about the myths surrounding teaching, learning, and … Continue reading

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The End

I had planned on giving my presentation on EDUPUNk in Puerto Rico, but I once again decided against it, and changed my topic to deal with something I am a bit more familiar with: film, zombies, and consumer culture 🙂 … Continue reading

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