Student Academy 2007, Hallelujah!

Some amazing stuff at UMW’s Student Academy 2007 this year. Ranging from presentations on Sylvia Plath to the real world economy of World of Warcraft! You can see the presentation schedule and detailed abstracts here. I can’t say enough how innovative and thoughtful UMW students show themselves to be at an event like this. Now how do we make the convergence of an event like this more apparent on a regular basis?


Chip German (UMW’s CIO) caught me on camera, along with Patrick and Andy as my witnesses, filled with the spirit – call it a ghost in the machinima!

See some more photos of the event here.

Unbelievable quote from today’s morning session that I will be writing about in more depth was Professor Claudia Emerson’s reference to Ralph Waldo Emerson when describing the process of blogging as a “radical correspondence.”

You just gotta love poets!

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4 Responses to Student Academy 2007, Hallelujah!

  1. gardo says:

    A perfect, classic picture. Jim on fire and the rest of the room is going up too.

    Keep that fire burning.

  2. Matt says:

    Someone must have praised WordPress right before this picture was taken!

  3. jimgroom says:

    In fact, it was the open source spirit of WordPress that possessed me at this very moment 🙂

  4. Andy Rush says:

    Notice me in the background with my “what is this nut going on about” gaze.

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