Summer of Love: Unwound

I love Unwound. In fact, I love them so much I actually travelled to Seattle from NYC in 2002 to catch their penultimate gig at the NW Asian Art Theatre as soon as I heard they were breaking up. I must have seen them 9 or 10 times since 1995, and they never failed to blow me away. The following clip is the instrumental portion of ‘Terminus” —a song off there near perfect and final album Leaves Turn Inside You (2001)—was performed at Seattle’s Graceland on June 30, 2001. An it gives you an excellent sense of just how amazing this band was live. I keep meaning to write a long, elaborate post of my life as it was lived through the music of Unwound for almost seven years—but that will have to wait. In the meantime, enjoy the Rock ‘n Roll sounds of Unwound.

And here is the original song, go to about 3 minutes to hear the recorded version of what you just listened to live above.

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5 Responses to Summer of Love: Unwound

  1. Matt says:

    So glad you wrote about them, as I think many times a year of how grateful I am that in the late 90s, you introduced me to Unwound (that first listen to “Abstraktions” with you remains burned in my memory as one of the formative music experiences of my life). New Plastic Ideas is a touchstone album for me, and I continue to think that the opening few minutes of _Leaves Turn Inside You_ is an amazing, ballsy, and beautiful gambit. “All Souls Day” is a raging masterpiece, but as we always noted, it was the control that they showed — particularly evident during “Abstraktions,” but really visible throughout their oeuvre — that made them special. What a fucking great band.

  2. Mikhail says:

    This brings me back to walking around the W. Village searching for a copy of Leaves Turn Inside You in 2001 after listening to New Plastic Ideas and talking with you and Matt about it. It was probably one of the last CDs I bought.

  3. Reverend says:

    Better said than I could ever say it, Unwound was a special combination of talents. And they quietly made some pretty amazing records over the 9 or 10 years they were together. The 90s are so inextricably tied to Un wound for me, it’s kind like Ray Harryhausen and the 70s 🙂

    I’m trying to remember the last CD I bought, and honestly I can’t. What was it? I need to figure this out.

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