The Smitten Love Song Compilation

While living in Los Angeles from 1990-1997 I was fortunate enough to see a ton of bands that flourished during the noise/post-punk/hardcore scene that was pretty popular up and down the West Coast. I was a major fan of Unwound (as I have noted on this blog before) and saw a ton of these independent bands at the LA club Jabberjaw Cafe—a kind of nostalgia-laced coffee shop that had vintage arcade games, a small-ass stage, and some amazing music tucked away behind the storefront, stripmall church section of Pico Blvd. Anyway, while cruising around YouTube I saw that user WildWeaselSlayer uploaded all but one of the songs off the Karate Brand Records “The Smitten Love Song Compilation.” I was particularly fond of the Unwound, Slug, Jawbreaker, and Beekeeper tracker (I actually worked with a member of Beekeeper (Ken) at UCLA—and he was awesome). Anyway, so here is a free dose of alternative post-punk West Coast awesome brought to you freely thanks to YouTube. I’ll try and stream this compilation on ds106radio sometime tomorrow, but until then enjoy.

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