Syndication bus for ds106

Seeing how I can bring the syndication bus into full effect for ds106. I think it can happen, I just pull my Flickr and delicious posts tagged ds106 into using FeedWordpress—and then associate them with my admin account on the site. And that’s the trick, I can do it pretty easily cause I am admin, but how might others? Need a way to both automate and allow folks to opt-in. This could be awesome—in the meantime, check out my activity feed on my BuddyPress profile featuring all my posts from various social networks for anyone to see. It needs to be styled better, but I think this would be powerful for creating community and a strong sense of both organized distributed design.

Update: Turned off syndication from my Flickr and Delicious feeds for ds106 tag until I think through how to filter them out from the front page, but it worked like a charm. Also, I forgot to mention that the BP Posts on Profile plugin does this for all posts by user, and is quite clean and no activity stream to worry about. Hmmm. You can see this plugin in action here, I really like this feature. What’s more, Ron Rennick‘s BP Blog Author Link makes the directory that much more useful and central.

In the meantime, enjoy the Renaissance of animated gif images:
Animated gif from the Shining

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8 Responses to Syndication bus for ds106

  1. Alan Levine says:

    I’m not seeing the bus going in the same direction. To aggregate to users on you’d have to do some heavy manual tying a feed to a user name. But more, so I see less value in seeing all the stuff one person is doing aggregated- if I want that, I should go to their blog.

    To be it seems more interesting to be aggregating by tag (and reassign to a new tag or category?), like all posts, flickr streams, etc related to the same tag (like per assignment?) so I can see what is going on across people by a theme.

  2. Jim says:

    Creepy is how we roll!

    That’s right, we do need to keep to that idea of aggregating my assignment, and I am complicating the bus without question. That said, a quick way to point to latest flickr photos tagged ds106, delicious links tagged ds106, youtube videos, etc. in a profile wouldn;t suck. And also having all the individuals posts ther might be good as a way to explore and discover. I do agree this should happen at the blog level, and that’s fair. More than that, we need to focus on the assignments as you suggest, and Marth Burtis is working on that now. You will like this, we are crowd sourcing assignments by syndication from Google Forms through FeedWordPress:

    People add assignments to individual categories, people can vote on them, and they are subcategorized into a unique category under the main sections (audio, video, etc) and people post to that category, and we filter assignments that way for visual assignments, video, etc.

    What do you think, this does bring us back to the idea that should drive the bus, make it about visualizing and sharing assignment along a theme, and in that you are absolutely right.

    I’m getting manic again 🙂

  3. Reverend says:

    Continuing on my last thought, here is an example of the data being pulled into a post:

    So, you can then map the title, category (a unique one is automatically created) into a unique presentation from custom fields or post types. So if some chooses this assignment, they tag their post according to the unique category, and using FWP we bring that post in and filter it accordingly—and hopefully style it something like dailyshoot

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