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“Il mattino ha l’ oro in bocca”

One of the things I have been looking forward to greatly this summer was finally watching The Shining with my oldest son. He’s already a bit of a horror fan junky, but I’ve begged him to hold off on this … Continue reading

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Completely Unreliable Assholes

I don’t know why, but I love that someone took the time to isolate this 3 second clip of Scatman Crothers speaking truth to power in The Shining. And if you’re not into the whole brevity thing and you feel … Continue reading

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VHS Quality Streaming at Reclaim Video

So the experiments continue at Reclaim Video with making this a fully functional, web-based VHS store. It is non-sensical, but that is kind of the point. We heard that streaming might be all the rage i the future, so we … Continue reading

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Reclaim Video on a Thursday Afternoon

While Reclaim Video officially opened two weeks ago,  it did not really dawn on me until almost a week later.  After the grand opening we locked in with MBS  then road tripped to get Centipede. But as it turns out people … Continue reading

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Come and Play with Us, Danny Revisited

In 2010, a six year old Miles discovered the creepy twins from The Shining in a Northern Virginia pizza joint. Almost 7 years later the twins have returned in the form a custom-made Shining t-shirt Antonella bought for me on my … Continue reading

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Danny’s Wheels

I am still playing with John Johnston’s cartoon script command line kung-fu using scenes from The Shining. You can see yesterday’s Punch and Judy show here. Today I wanted to try and play with some of the scenes of Danny … Continue reading

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Gimme the Bat

I’m in a ds106 state of mind these days. In particular, I’ve been meaning to dig into all the amazing work John Johnston has been doing with command line tools over the last several years. I always looked on in … Continue reading

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Lunch with the Torrances

During a discussion I had with a group of faculty this evening about managing their own domains, one professor asked how he might approach blogging in his film class. Because I can’t help myself, I immediately mentioned to GIFs as a way to … Continue reading

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Completely Unreliable Assholes

In a movie filled with some truly great moments, this inane exchange between Halloran and Larry might be where you can see/hear Kubrick in The Shining most clearly. Plus, the office details remind me of the Console Living Room exhibit … Continue reading

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bavafridaymornings: Kill, Baby….Kill!

The great Paul Bond and I did another installment of the bavatuesdays film festival, which means we are on a three week roll after a long hiatus. I’m hoping we can move off Google Hangouts for this coming Thursday’s episode … Continue reading

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