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LA Reclaim Roadshow

Me next week when I hit LA! https://t.co/SWKPDBV8sZ — Jim Groom (@jimgroom) October 22, 2019 In a couple of weeks Lauren and I will be heading West to put on the second Reclaim Roadshow at Emerson College’s Sunset Blvd campus. … Continue reading

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Lana Turner

Lana Turner is always hardboiled! I wanted to title this one [[Johnny Stompanato]] —if you don’t know the story of Turner’s turbid relationship with the LA Underworld you should ([[James Ellroy]] writes them both as characters in L.A. Confidential). This one is … Continue reading

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Los Angeles, Jabberjaw, Unwound

Pretty trippy, I just found the following video of [[Unwound]] (the 1990s noise band) playing at LA’s post-punk mecca Jabberjaw. And, I’m pretty sure I was at this show. Must have been 1994 or 1995, and seeing this brings on … Continue reading

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