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LA Roadshow Recap

https://twitter.com/doublem44/status/1192865348443230209 10 days ago I was sitting in a room in Los Angeles with 12 other folks listening to Marie Selvanadin, Sundi Richard, and Adam Croom talk about work they’re doing with Domains, and it was good! That session was … Continue reading

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LA Reclaim Roadshow

Me next week when I hit LA! https://t.co/SWKPDBV8sZ — Jim Groom (@jimgroom) October 22, 2019 In a couple of weeks Lauren and I will be heading West to put on the second Reclaim Roadshow at Emerson College’s Sunset Blvd campus. … Continue reading

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Hollywood Forever

Both before and after my time working on Connected Courses at UC Irvine, I had the privilege of hanging out in Los Angeles proper—the city of angels. LA is near and dear to me, I spent my formative years there … Continue reading

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L.A. Noire

I’ve been playing the videogame L.A. Noire in preparation for the Freshman Seminar I’ll be teaching on #hardboiled literature starting this Tuesday. I am really excited for the class, the subject matter really teaches itself. But one of the themes … Continue reading

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The Smitten Love Song Compilation

While living in Los Angeles from 1990-1997 I was fortunate enough to see a ton of bands that flourished during the noise/post-punk/hardcore scene that was pretty popular up and down the West Coast. I was a major fan of Unwound … Continue reading

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