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We’ve been MOOCed

Image credit: http://grettajohnson.com/perez.html I’ve been following the explosion of all things MOOC over the last few weeks somewhat quietly, the hype has even come home to roost at UMW in some odd ways. It’s been at once exciting and disquieting … Continue reading

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Aftershocks: MOOCs Arrive at UMW 18 Months Late(r)

I think you know MOOCs have arrived when the aftershocks of the University of Virginia fiasco (an excellent article summing it up thus far in the New Republic by Kevin Carey here) reverberate on your home campus so quickly. UMW’s … Continue reading

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Proto-MOOCs Rock!

Steve Kolowich of Inside Higher Ed wrote piece on #ds106 titled “Proto-Mooc Stays the Course”, and what I enjoyed about this article is he actually took the time and energy to try and get his head around the multi-headed hydra … Continue reading

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