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Brainstorming the Internet

The Internet Course summer edition has officially started, and today we brainstormed some research approaches to the four major topics we’ll be designing the course around over the next five weeks. Below is a record of that process, and it’s interesting to see … Continue reading

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UMW Blogs ain’t no open PR ploy, we’re the real deal Holyfield!

I was talking with professor Marjorie Och recently about her Venice Exhibit, and when we went to the site I noticed the Firestats meter said there were well over 5,000 unique visitors and more than 11,000 pages served. Why this … Continue reading

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The Last American Pirate

Image Credit: “It be a Pirate Flag” by Nick Humphries Update: Turns out this site was a hoax, there is no student, but rather a cadre of students who set about creating a fake student, who wrote a fake blog, … Continue reading

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