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David Simon on America as a Horror Show

If I dig myself out anytime soon I have a pretty fun web project centered around David Simon’s brilliant television series The Wire that I want to run sometime this year. In the meantime, here’s a 26-minute video featuring David … Continue reading

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“In accordance with university policy…”

Continuing on my Treme theme, there is another rant by Creighton Bernette inspired by a memo from Tulane University announcing the cutting of the Computer Science department as well as various Engineering departments. What follows is a great rant on … Continue reading

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Thinking about Treme or: Creighton Bernette’s YouTube Rant

So, I have been religiously watching the first four episodes of Treme. I’m a bit conflicted about the series overall so far. There is a lot to like so far, but also a lot that leaves me kinda wondering why … Continue reading

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The End of the American Empire

I recently came across three videos on YouTube wherein David Simon (of “The Wire” fame) is speaking at Loyola University about “unencumbered Capitalism” which has resulted in an “existential crisis” of epic proportions, namely the reality that “people matter less.” … Continue reading

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