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Notes on Installing PeerTube on Reclaim Cloud

Most of last week was eaten up by playing with PeerTube on Reclaim Cloud. Tim installed ds106.tv on a VPS through Reclaim Cloud following this guide, and he said it wasn’t too bad, just a lot of copying and pasting … Continue reading

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Reclaiming Vimeo

I’m hoping to catch up on some blogging about stuff I have been doing with ds106.tv over the last month or so, but before that I wanted to quickly share an awesome tool that Chris Lott pointed me to a … Continue reading

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Losin’ It, Dead Zone, Videodrome, The Day After and more

The Reclaim Video storefront continues to flower as we bring in more titles.Over the last two weeks we added a bunch of titles such as Losin’ It and Dead Zone to knock a couple of titles off the 1983 wish … Continue reading

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Reclaim Video’s 1983 Wishlist

Reclaim Video is coming along nicely. It will be officially opening sometime in the next month or so. What that looks like exactly is not entirely clear just yet, and ww would appreciate any and all ideas. We are discussing … Continue reading

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Serving Up Some Yo La Tengo

This has been quite a semester for shared hosting servers. We spun up D.O.A., Sebadoh, and Wire in January alone, but the hits just keep on coming at Reclaim Hosting. While I was back in Fredericksburg two weeks ago I was … Continue reading

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More opinionated edtech responses then you can shake a blog at

While I was in Barcelona this past October to co-present with Brian Lamb at the Open University of Catalonia’s (UOC) “Pushing the Boundaries of Higher Ed” symposium (presentation video above), they decided to subject themselves to my opinionated responses to a … Continue reading

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Devouring Videos

Last week was a blur, on top of  catching up on my work from the Digital Media Learning conference the week before, I came back to interviews for a fine arts professor hire, trying to write an article (which I suck at), … Continue reading

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YouTube, Copyright, and the ongoing Claims on our Culture

This post is part of an inadvertent series of posts about my attempts to fight various media companies claims of copyright infringement on my uploaded YouTube clips. You can see part 1 here, part 2 here, and part 3 here … Continue reading

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1,000,000+ views on YouTube

Sometime this month the 176 videos I have uploaded to my YouTube channel have been collectively viewed more than 1 million times—well, 1,041,448 to be exact. It’s pretty crazy to think videos I have uploaded have been watched that many … Continue reading

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The Zombie Chronicles

Below are 8 videos (which I actually embedded as a playlist from YouTube) that I took in my shed while Tom Woodward and I were preparing our “live interview” for Jared Stein and Marc Hugentobler’s “Late Night Learning Live” presentation, … Continue reading

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