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Look Mom, No Support!

You may have to click on the above image for the full effect, but I just wanted to take a moment to recognize that I’m officially off the 8 AM to 10 PM (Eastern US Time) support schedule. I still … Continue reading

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Working Remotely a Month On

So It’s been more than a month that I’ve been working completely remotely for Reclaim Hosting. I’m still in the incredulous stages of the transition, and having moved to Italy makes it a bit more surreal. I feel like both … Continue reading

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Ellroy on Hammett: a Hardboiled War on Labor

I was searching the UMW library database for a James Ellroy novel I wanted to re-read this break (The Big Nowhere), when I stumbled across his introduction to an Everyman’s Library Edition of some of Dashiell Hammett’s stories and novels. … Continue reading

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