Jason and the Argonauts: Talos

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  1. Tim Owens says:

    You’re going to have to do a video tutorial of how you’re doing the masking and exporting in GIMP because the quality of these is so good. I may challenge myself to play along with the summer ds106 course using ONLY the online Aviary tools. The more I explore them the more I realize these cross-platform web tools have just about everything necessary for every design and audio assignment (no video tool yet, though Jaycut looks interesting http://jaycut.com/).

  2. Jim says:


    I’ll put together a tutorial soon, although none of the Jason and the Argonauts animated GIfs are masked, they are straight shots, and I am loving the effect. I think the animation of Ray Harryhausen really lends itself to the animated GIF. What’s more, I’d love to see how you are doing all this stuff in the free apps, I’m sure it would be just as good, and an invaluable resource for students and faculty alike. You rock!

  3. Jim says:


    You know that Tess blamed my lost voice on you!

  4. Tim Owens says:

    Haha, tell Tess I had nothing to do with the debauchery of your travels!

    I’m considering it a personal challenge to push the limits of these online tools. If they really can accomplish a lot it could ease some of the headaches of folks without Photoshop or dealing with pains of Audacity. Keep an eye out for some screencasts soon.

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