The bava now with ads

This is a hard announcement to make, but truth be told I gotta feed my family. And while trotlining is one way to do this, the cold hard reality remains that during these dire economic times I need cash money–I gotta get paid. So in cooperation with corproate greed, the bava is running a new Ad campaign designed by the ever creative genius of the Bionicteacher.

bava ads

I’m sorry to all the bava faithful who disagree with this monetizing move–and really I don’t mean to sell out–but the money is not only good but sorely needed—believe you me. And unlike most advertising on blogs, I think of this particular campaign is one of truth and justice. Let the edtech enlightenment begin!

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5 Responses to The bava now with ads

  1. Ed Webb says:

    Like the ads – seems you were inspired by John Carpenter’s “They Live,” no? (

  2. Reverend says:


    Exactly, precisely, They Live was the controlling reference for both the ads and the presentation in Second Life. We stole the idea of the flame throwers from Carpenter’s The Thing, but as for the Zombies and the glasses of truth They Live was definitely our inspiration 🙂 Nothing funner than movie allusions in a presentation.

  3. Greetings, Reverend,

    This is a beautiful thing you have unleashed upon the world. My sincere thanks to you, and your Bionic companion.

  4. Peter says:

    I swear if you had a donate button I’d give enough for a decent dinner. That was hilarious.

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