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BlackBoard: Innovate, Educate, Litigate

One thing that has stuck with me in my quest to bury BlackBoard over the last four years has been just how shamelessly BlackBoard’s PR message is so hypocritical when looked against their baseless legal aggression against their competitors. I … Continue reading

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BlackBoard PSA: The Elephant in the Room

Special thanks to Andy Rush for the tagline and a special guest photoshop genius from the visiting the Serena Epstein.

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LMSs get the gas face

Mike Bogle has been basically crawling out of his skin while faced with the prospects an LMS offers the future of thinking creatively about teaching and learning technologies—and rightfully so. It’s a mess, so in solidarity—and thanks to Luke Waltzer … Continue reading

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UMW Blogs has Cancer of the MS Word Strain

Anyone who is running a pretty big WPMu installation will sooner or later come to hate Microsoft Word in the unlikely event they don’t already. I can’t count the number of times I have seen it break themes over the … Continue reading

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The bava now with ads

This is a hard announcement to make, but truth be told I gotta feed my family. And while trotlining is one way to do this, the cold hard reality remains that during these dire economic times I need cash money–I … Continue reading

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BlackBoard is such an open stud

This is classic, and it’s so bad it’s almost good, which is what scares me about it.  But the misinformation campaign being run here about openness is dangerous, and the portrayal of  Bb NG as “a hip stud” who gets … Continue reading

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What is an instructional technologist?

Yesterday I was asked by a good friend and mentor the following question: “What’s next?” And it made me stop and think, I guess since I don’t have a Ph.D. and I’m in “IT” I should be thinking about an … Continue reading

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Course Mangement Systems as the Gentrification of EdTech

Image thanks to Lulu Vision Here at UMW we have been going through a CMS Review. It has been a pretty interesting project, and while I only tangentially involved, I have been following the basic rhetorical thrust of the sales … Continue reading

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Sorry, We’re Open

Sorry, we’re open used courtesy of oknovokght. I have to be honest with you, I’m getting more and more confused with the term “open” when used in the context of educational technology these days. The term has been popular in … Continue reading

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The Glass Bees

With my no-internet, hippie-like vacation to Montauk behind me now, I can return to the bava and continue the excruciating futility that is my life online. I enjoyed the time away because I was able to do something I hadn’t … Continue reading

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