The De-Animator: A Flash game based on stories by H.P. Lovecraft

The interent can be a very scary place … have fun!


Thanks go to bumlee (the creator of this game) and stumble upon for wasting all my time!

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22 Responses to The De-Animator: A Flash game based on stories by H.P. Lovecraft

  1. Teresa Kennedy says:

    You are getting wierder.

  2. jimgroom says:

    You ain’t seen nothing yet, Terry. I’ll find a nice Boccaccio shoot ’em up for you, just you wait and see.

  3. jimgroom says:

    And just so you know I am for real, below is my most recent high score, beat that!

    High Score screenshot

  4. jimgroom says:

    Looks like Luke has got me for the moment, but only for the moment.

  5. Dudes I totally have been playing this game like craZy in my 7th block class here at school, and I have gotten to Stage 12. Yea I know, I am pretty cool.

  6. Kayz says:

    my high score was somewhere around 200, and i’ve gotten at least to stage 14 (i’m trying to get to it again, but this computer doesn’t want to load it >.

  7. jimgroom says:


    I want to see the screenshot 🙂

  8. Kayz says:

    i’ll get you a screenshot, just not today its not loading >.

  9. jimgroom says:

    I look forward to it, 200 and you are my De-Animator godhead! I would have to capitulate the crown!

  10. Kayz says:

    well, my high score so far today is 164, i have the screenshot, but i seem to not know how to get it on here *laughs a bit* sorry about that

  11. Kayz says:

    well, Here’s my high score from in school today, sorry if the image either doesn’t work or is too big, I’m attempting to load it from my photobucket account

  12. Kayz says:

    -_-‘ okay well that didn’t work, heres the link to it then, … and just in case… i’ll try it again to put it on here…


  13. jimgroom says:


    You are the reigning champion. 206!!! Wow, I’m gonna have to go into serious training now. Hmmm, and for a prize?

    Impressive, Jedi!

  14. timmy says:

    255 bitches ill try to upload an image later

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  16. Joseph says:


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  18. Jogos says:

    Great game. My score is 130 :(. Not good, right? 🙁

  19. Hey duds,
    I am a fps maniac and i really don’t understand the flash games fans, does really flash games worth it.
    If so name me one to try.
    Awaiting your reply.

  20. Pc Games says:

    My score is 290, that is not bat 🙂

  21. Sakshi2982 says:

    I have the best score yet “8”. Surrender your champion trophee:D

  22. ... says:

    dudes and dudeat i have made it to stage 21 fast in 30 minits

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